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cherry pitter and cherry smoothies

cherry pitter and cherry smoothies

i’ll admit it, i used to be a gadget junkie. my mother fed my addiction. i put an end to a clearly unhealthy habit and now the majority of my gadgets reside in a box in the basement (sorry mom). but there are more gadgets out there, too many to count, each one more specific than the next. there are doodads to cut your avocados, thingamabobs to core your pineapples, pancake batter dispensers, pickle picker-uppers, bean peelers, melon ballers, egg separators, milk carton holders, bagel slicers, mushroom scrubbers, tea bag squeezers (heh), pasta measurers and cherry pitters to name a few. now, that’s not to say that there aren’t some useful kitchen tools out there. i use my citrus juicer on a fairly regular basis and my mind is often blown when a friend’s kitchen is lacking some crucial tool such as a potato masher.

i have often found pitting cherries to be a tiresome job. a small paring knife does the job but it requires a lot of patience and you best expect stained hands when you finish. i know you’re probably thinking “how often does a person pit cherries?” well, not that often… but when i do it’s enough of a pain in the ass that i was wishing for an easier solution. enter my mother and a cherry pitter. as you can see from the picture, it’s basically a hinged plastic contraption with a hole on one side and a solid plastic cylinder on the other. does it work? sort of.

the cherry pitter certainly doesn’t save on mess. by the end of one bag, my kitchen, and my shirt, were a cherry-splosion. a few times, the pit got stuck in the hole. other times, the pit didn’t come out at all, instead, the pitter just bored a tunnel directly through the center of the cherry. my smoothies were delicious (and nurtritious) but i think next time i’ll stick with the paring knife. another gadget retired to the basement box.


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  1. Mer said

    Yes, it is true I did not have a potato masher (I have since rectified this oversight), but I do believe in cherry pitters. I have to say a metal rather than plastic pitter can be more precise. However, it is messy and you do miss some pits. I like it especially for my children who haven’t figured out to d-pit a cherry in their mouths and instead try to eat around the pit. Now that’s messy. I have to side with your mom on this gadget.

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