dilly beans

dilly beans

dilly beans

five beans does not qualify as a serving. possibly if you are in ethiopia or one of the other impoverished nations of the world, but not here in america where we measure our food by the pound. five beans is, however, the amount of beans that my bean bush decided to produce per bean bush cycle. aside from random snacking, five beans are fairly useless, but i wanted the beans to be put to good use, i wanted them to serve a purpose and fulfill their beany destiny. they had to be pickled.

i gathered my beans for weeks, squirrelling them away in plastic baggies and hiding them in the crisper drawer of the fridge. (i say hiding because erik believes the crisper drawer is where batteries and film are stored.) i tucked them away until, weeks later, i had one jar’s worth of beans to pickle. it was pathetic, but it had to be done.

i’ve halved recipes before and i’ve doubled recipes, i have not, however, ever made 1/12 of a recipe before. twelfthing a recipe required such serious math i had to bring out the calculator. with calculating device in one hand and a measurement conversion chart in the other, i went to work. i fine tuned the dilly bean recipe on a lilliputian scale, but the final result was grand. my beans were delicious, dilly and spicy. they fulfilled their beany destiny, and for that, i am proud.



  1. k. said

    and i, for one, was more than happy to fulfill their destiny by scarfing them down as fast as i could. yum.

  2. Erik said

    Aw I don’t get to try!

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