white trash recipes

mmm bacon

bacon wrapped water chestnuts in bbq sauce

i was thinking recently about ways to spice things up on this here blog o’ mine. i’m pretty sure this is never going to be the kinda thing that inspires a cult internet following, but for my friends and family (whom i force to read about squash) i could stand to make things a little more interesting. just the other night, as i was eating a can of corn along side a peanut butter and butter sandwich, i had a wave of inspiration: white trash recipes.

growing up in michigan (jackson specifically) it would have been hard to avoid eating a white trash meal. in my home town you are never more than a 100 feet from an ambrosia salad at any given time, coney dogs are served as an appetizer to pizza and faygo is the beverage of choice. my mom used to make a dish that we called white trash dinner. it was basically a ghetto version of shepherd’s pie: a layer of ground beef cooked in gravy, topped with canned corn and mashed potatoes, then baked in the oven. the key point to any white trash recipe is not to have too many fresh ingredients. fruits and vegetables should never be more exotic than broccoli or canned peaches and tater tots should be used whenever possible.

back to the point… i thought it might be fun to take some of the classic white trash recipes and “fancify” them if you will. a different recipe each week with posted results. i’m not exactly sure which of these classics to start with, so i thought i’d put it to a vote. (other ideas are happily welcomed)



  1. k. said

    say what you will… those bacon wrapped water chestnuts were awesome.

  2. Gathmaster said

    I love the idea and it is an honor to be part of the preeminent squash blog…

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